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      【unique official website】
      Product Center

      Ten years of ingenuity, complete product models

      Product center

      Order Hotline:0511-88209986
      ABOUT US

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      About Us

      Jiangsu Hongqiang Electric Group Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhong City. It specializes in the development, design and manufacture of low-voltage switchgear, high and low-voltage bus and cable tray.


      Create an electrical brand with ingenuity and craftsmanship

      Jiangsu Hongqiang Electric Group Co., Ltd

      Fuyue garden, Lingxiu City, Xinyang, Henan
      Yuanxiangjiayuan, Fangshan new town, Beijing
      Tianjin Luneng lvyinli project
      Changzhou Yurun City
      Nanjing Yurun International Plaza
      Nanjing Gulou seal International


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